Petco Foundation Invests in Nature’s Edge Therapy Animals

Nature’s Edge Therapy Center was awarded a $2,500 grant investment from the Petco Foundation in support of our therapy animals.  The grant was made possible through the Petco Foundation’s Helping Heroes fundraising campaign, in partnership with Natural Balance Pet Foods, which is held annually in October.  During the campaign, customers are invited to donate online or in Petco stores across the country in support of the life-changing work of service, therapy and working animals.  Petco Foundation granting is especially helpful because many of our therapy animals are now in their golden years or elderly, which has brought increased veterinary care.  The Petco Foundation believes that every animal deserves to live its best life.  For more information, visit


Therapy animals at Nature’s Edge bring many benefits to treatment.  Patients have spoken their first words to our animals.  They learn to form sentences by talking with them.  They sequence actions by giving commands to them.  They read to them and identify directional concepts.  They ride them (hippotherapy – treatment with the help of a horse) for strengthening, freedom of movement, better respiration and concentration.  They gain motor skills through walking, running and jumping with animals.  They learn about healthy eating and hygiene through animal care and talk about bullying, timidity and trust by observing animal interactions.  They brush and stroke them, increasing sensory tolerance.  Animal participation moves therapy to new levels!


View our press release here.